levari\ 2

levari\ 2
elokuvateatteri Me käytiin levaris Kalevas ja Tuulensuus.

Suomen slangisanakirjaa. 2013.

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  • levari facias — le·vari fa·ci·as /lə var ˌī fā shē əs, le vä rē fä kē ˌäs/ n [New Latin, you should cause to be levied]: a common law writ of execution for the satisfaction of a judgment debt from the goods and lands of the judgment debtor used chiefly in… …   Law dictionary

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  • levari facias damn a de dlsseisitoribus — /bveray feys(hXi)yss daemna diy dasiyzatorabas/ A writ formerly directed to the sheriff for the levying of damages, which a disseisor had been condemned to pay to the disseisee …   Black's law dictionary

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